Replacement made easy

SAUTER retrofit valve actuators: compatible and versatile.

The latest generation of SAUTER actuators fit onto all valve types. They are quick to install and extremely energy-saving. Every HVAC installation can therefore be refurbished easily and economically.


Retrofit_KachelnWith their patented automatic valve coupling and practical electric plug-in module, the SAUTER actuators are quick and easy to install.


Retrofit_Kacheln The SAUTER actuators consume energy very sparingly – especially in cost-relevant stand-by mode.

No waste

Kein AbfallTo fit the SAUTER retrofit actuators, you can order accessories that are precisely tailored to the valve in question.


Retrofit_Kacheln With a rated thrust of 1000 N, the control units of the SAUTER vialoq AVM 1000 series are setting new performance standards.