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Compatible & versatile: The actuator that fits every valve.

SAUTER actuators fit onto many valve types from a range of third-party manufacturers. Therefore, you can replace various actuators in your HVAC installation with the SAUTER product range in order to minimise the work involved. This compatibility gives you the flexibility that you need. Ventile_Reihe

SAUTER actuators fit onto many valves

Our overview shows you at a glance which actuator is right for your installation. Select the valve manufacturer and find the SAUTER actuator that fits each valve type.

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Existing SAUTER control units: New follow-up models

For every SAUTER actuator to be replaced, there is a follow-up model with major energy-saving potential. Find your existing SAUTER actuator in our table and the corresponding energy-saving SAUTER actuator of the latest generation.

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A wide range of application options: The right actuator for every HVAC application

SAUTER provides valves and actuators for all areas of use. Our overview shows you the comprehensive SAUTER range of valves and actuators. At a glance you can see which valve-actuator combination is suitable for which application range, such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling.SAUTER poster; valves and actuators for downloading

SAUTER Poster; valves and actuators for downloading